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Thin, Stylish, yet Indestructible

Are You Ready to Up Your Protection Game? 🛡️

Listen, we get it. Your iPhone is like family—no, even better. It's the BFF that never judges you for double-texting, the wingman for every selfie, and the unsung hero of your late-night scrolling sessions. So why settle for mediocre protection? Enter StealthGuard, the Fort Knox of iPhone cases. 🏰

Why Stealth Guard? 🤔

Durability that Screams Indestructible ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Drop it like it's hot—seriously, go ahead! StealthGuard is so tough, it practically dares gravity to do its worst. With military-grade TPU, this case is ready for action, whether you're conquering mountains or the dance floor.

Because protection should never come at the cost of style. This is the iPhone case James Bond would use—if he wasn't too busy being a fictional character. 🍸

MagSafe? Oh, We Got That

Worried about compatibility? Don't be. StealthGuard and MagSafe are a match made in techie heaven. 

Wires are so last decade, right? With StealthGuard, there's no need to play the "remove the case" game every time you charge. Strong magnets in the back mean your phone stays snug in its case while it juices up. Charging made effortless—now that's what we call living in the future! 🚀

Unparalleled Screen & Camera Lens Protection

Kiss those screen smudges and camera scratches goodbye! Your selfies just leveled up. 📸


Caught in the rain? No problem. StealthGuard laughs in the face of water droplets. 💦

From 30 feet, no less! That's higher than your last high score on that mobile game you won't admit you're addicted to.

Choose from 6 fabulous colors to suit your mood, outfit, or astrological sign—because yes, even your iPhone case can be in Mercury retrograde. 🌕

You know what's a real buzzkill? A case that yellows faster than a banana in the sun. Stealth Guard's cutting-edge material fights off yellowing, so your case stays as fresh and radiant as the day you met. It's like Botox, but for your iPhone case!



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iPhone Case Comparison Table 📲🔍

Features Basic Case StealthGuard
Material Plastic / Silicone Military-Grade TPU
Durability ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Slim Design
MagSafe Compatible
Wireless Charging Compatible
Screen Protection
Camera Lens Protection
Drop Tested 5ft 30ft
Color Options 3 6
Price $25 - $70 $60 $29.95

This is the case for people who live life in the fast lane but need their phone to keep up! Camera lens protection? Check. MagSafe compatibility? Double-check. And let's not forget, it's drop-tested to a whopping 30ft! All for a jaw-dropping price of $60 now only $29.95! 🚀

  • PROTECT What Matters Most
  • 30 Day Free Returns
  • Free US Shipping!

Military-Grade Protection

MagSafe Compatibility

Protect Your Phone with Style!

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Say Hello to lifetime protection.

Welcome to a world of stress-free use of your Phone.

Let's keep everything safe


Enjoy Military-Grade Durability for Peace of MInd

Convenient & Effortless Charging

Slim and Sleek Design

Enjoy Ergonomically Comfort

Increased Convenience

For Effortless Charging

Helps with

Your Peace of Mind To Protect What Matters

More Comfort

With a Sleek & Slim Design

"This has saved me sooo many times I can't even count it!"

- Marie S. from OR, US

  • Effortless MagSafe Charging

  • Durable Protection

  • Sleek & Slim Design

Ready For A Stress-Free Use of Your Phone?

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